Irmã Iraci de Fátima Cirino dos Santos

Brasil – Irmãs de São José

As a Laudato Si’ animator and a member of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation movement, I am committed to a cooperative fishing project inspired by SDG 14, Life under water. This project is focused on the preservation of marine species and particularly of the Tursiops gephyreus dolphin, which is recognised as endangered here in Brazil.

Participation in this cause for the defence of our dolphins requires reading, learning and reflection as an integral part of our advocacy. It also demands a coordinated effort to create new partnerships in line with SDG 17, Partnerships for the goals.

I am also committed to projects inspired by SDG 15, Life on land, focusing for example on the cultivation of community gardens. I work with a group that listens to and accompanies rural communities affected by the rampant use of pesticides, which intoxicate agricultural products intended for direct human consumption. Currently, I am also in the process of forming a network to advocate on public policies regarding healthy food production and the conservation of native seeds. To summarise my message for national governments, regional leaders and the international development community, I would say that urgent environmental policies are needed to fight growing hunger and spiralling poverty.