The event will be a one-day meeting involving approximately 20 participants at the UISG headquarters in Rome. Based on their experiences, the testimonies they have gathered, and the challenges they face in different parts of the world, Catholic Sisters and their allies will explore where and how resources should be allocated to foster inclusive, sustainable solutions to one of the most urgent issues of our time.

The following questions will orientate the discussion during this meeting:

1. What are the main challenges for migrants and refugees in the current social and historical moment, particularly in the Euro-Mediterranean context?

2. Reflecting on projects to support and build the capacity of migrants and refugees, what initiatives could be scaled up and replicated in the areas of humanitarian aid, rights-based policy development and social integration?

3. At the national and international level, migration issues are often politicised and polarised in public debate: what are the main policy changes needed to support migrants and refugees? What kind of advocacy initiatives could impact the international agenda?

4. Giving voice to the most vulnerable entails listening to them, creating the necessary platforms, and stimulating public interest: what do journalists need in order to make space for the voices of minorities and vulnerable people? What could be the message for a joint campaign?

5. UISG’s Sister-led dialogues are intended as the basis for a sustainable platform: what is needed to facilitate a regular exchange of information, support and collaboration among the actors around the table? What could be the main features of the UISG Advocacy Forum 2023 in relation to migration?

Photograph: Lisa Kristine/Talitha Kum